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The President of the Federation of Trade Unions of Macedonia, Darko Dimovski, as well as delegations from the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, and the employers from North Macedonia attended the 108th International Labor Conference at the Palace of Nations in Geneva, Switzerland, marking the Centenary of the ILO.

The Conference was attended by representatives from over 180 countries, numerous heads of state and prime ministers, including the Presidents of Italy, France, the prime ministers of Russia, Slovenia, Serbia, Germany etc..

Since its founding, to this day, the ILO has the same basic principle- achieving peace through social justice. This was also highlighted by the numerous speakers at this year's gathering. The Chancellor Merkel stressed the need for social peace, fair working conditions and dignity for all workers. This was also underlined by the President of France, Macron, who said that it is time for a new social model, which includes minimum wages and social protection. Russia's Prime Minister Medvedev emphasized that we need strong cooperation and social peace in line with the new challenges of technological revolutions, artificial intelligence and digital era.

Caption 1. The adoption of the keu Convention and Declaration 

The ILO conference ended with the adoption of a key Convention on the Elimination of Violence and Harassment at Work (No. 190), as a new international standard of labor.

Within the framework of the ILO Conference, the President of CCM, Dimovski had numerous working meetings with the colleagues from the region and Europe, on which the situation and the challenges of the trade union movement were discussed.

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