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12th PERC Summer School

Caption 1. 12th PERC Summer School

In the period from 9-11 July 2019, the 12th PERC Summer School was held in Budapest attended by the leaders of trade unions from Europe. This school was chaired by the President of PERC, Irakli Petriashvili, and attended by the ETUC and PERC General Secretary, Luca Visentini and the Deputy General Secretary of the ITUC, Owen Tudor.

During this School, which is a regular activity of PERC, trade union leaders presented the activities of their organizations, as well as opened discussion on the priorities of the international organizations after the Congresses of the ITUC and the ETUC in Copenhagen and Vienna.

The President of SSM, Darko Dimovski, presented the activities of SSM, with a special emphasis on the preparation of the new Labor Law for which he received open support from the European trade union organizations in the process of negotiating and adopting this important law for the workers . Also, during this school, the presence of ETUC representatives on the events that will be organized by SSM for adopting a better Labor Law in the following period was agreed.

The President of SSM also had bilateral working meetings with the representatives of ETUC, ITUC and PERC, on which they discussed the situation in SSM and the trade union movement in details. Also, the President Dimovski briefed the representatives of the international organizations for the forthcoming Congress of SSM next year, that will be implemented in accordance with the rules of the ETUC and ITUC.

This is an additional confirmation of the efforts of SSM for implementation of the union activites, both on national and international level.

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