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In conditions of World Health Crisis, caused by COVID-19, it turned out that SUNDAY is needed and should be a non-working day for all workers. In the past period we have seen that with the announced measures and the curfew that lasted over the weekends, the whole society can function without problems if Sunday is a non-working day for all.

We remind that CCM, in addition to the other proposals for improving the labor legislation and in order to protect workers' rights and ensure balance between work and family life, has already proposed a day of weekly rest to be Saturday and Sunday.

Traditionally, in our country and in the countries around us, Saturday and Sunday are accepted to be days of weekly rest in order to respect family traditions and protect the rights in accordance with the ILO Convention No. 106 on weekly rest.

Analyzes and examples show that workers will be more productive, will have more time for the family, rest and professional upgrade and education, the obligations can be completed during the week, and at the same time neither the business nor the workers and citizens will be affected.

CCM believes that by promoting workers' rights and by creation of a legal framework respecting democratic values, a legal solution shall be found that will adopt Sunday to be a non-working day.

This initiative of CCM is already being exercised in practice and a large number of employers have voluntarily declared Sunday a non-working day, and this is the example that other employers and the Government should follow.

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