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Celebration of First of May, It can not be decided for US, without US!

The Federation of Trade Unions of Macedonia invites all union members, workers and citizens to join us on the Union march that we organize on the occasion of the celebration of 1st May - the International Labor Day.

The trade union march will start at 11 am in front of the building of CCM on 1 May 2019.

The motto of the Trade Union march is- "It can not be decided for us, without us" and unites and represents all workers and citizens.

Our voice - the voice of the workers, encourages, demands and motivates, but at the same time, it obliges and warns.

We are committed to a fast and efficient realization of the workers' priorities:

  • As a rule, the employment contracts to be signed on a permanent base, and the fixed term contracts to be concluded in exceptional cases, up to 1 year;
  • Increase of severance pay to 12 salaries for dismissals due to business reasons;
  • Deleting the control period for overtime work, work at night and work on a day of weekly rest;
  • Increase of salaries in order young people to stay and work in the country;
  • Saturday and Sunday to be rest days;
  • 12 months maternity leave for one child, and 18 months of maternity leave for 2 or more;
  • Increase of the minimum wage to 13.800 MKD, which necessarily follows a proportional increase in wages in the country and reduction in poverty;
  • A stable pension system without increase of the retirement age and introduction of the years of service as a precondition for exercising the right to pension;
  • Promotion of collective bargaining;
  • Stop interfering in Union organizing;
  • Stop to mobing and discrimination;
  • Health and safe working conditions, etc.


The Federation of Trade Unions of Macedonia insists on immediate actions in the direction of faster realization and ensuring the dignity of labor and work.

Join us, together we are louder and stronger!

Happy International Labor Day!


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