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Celebration of World Day for Decent Work

The Federation of Trade Unions of Macedonia promotes the implementation of the ILO concept of decent work. The concept is based on the need to provide decent work, full social security and worker's protection, as a precondition for greater labor productivity in companies and creation of balanced relationships between the workers and employers. The principles of decent work are part of CCM's statutory and program tasks, related to democracy, equal opportunities for all, and prohibition of all forms of discrimination.

CCM this year is also dedicated to the realization of the National Decent Work Program 2019-2022. With its participation in the creation of the National Decent Work Program, CCM has set the main priorities for the coming period: better labor market management, new and better jobs, creation of employment strategies and policies especially for young people and socially vulnerable categories, reducing poverty, ensuring wage growth, equal pay for equally valued jobs jobs, increase of the minimum wage to 60% of the average wage in the country, providing health and safe working conditions, social security, equal opportunities for all without discrimination, developing social dialogue and promoting collective bargaining.

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