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First meeting of the Joint Consultative Committee

The Joint Consultative Committee is a body of an international importance for the Republic of Macedonia. The JCC is directly linked to the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC), which is a body of the European Union. The EESC is responsible for developing the social dialogue, with specific responsibilities for the candidate countries. The candidate countries, as ours, should form its own body (the JCC), which shall have a direct communication with the European Committee in Brussels. The JCC is basically a joint working body of the Republic of Macedonia and the EESC.

The JCC has six representatives, two from the employers' associations, the trade unions and the civil sector, ie the non-governmental organizations. In practice the JCC holds two meetings a year, one in Brussels and the other in the candidate country. The scope of the JCC issues is social and civil dialogue, issues to which Brussels gives priority. The JCC is a rather important link in the European integration, so the Macedonian Government adopted a special conclusion in support of this body. Otherwise, the Government is obliged to provide logistical support for the work of the JCC, especially the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy should service the needs of the new body.

Members of the JCC from SSM are Darko Dimovski and Slobodan Trendafilov.

The European Economic and Social Committee is an advisory body to the European Union, established by the Treaty of Rome in 1957. Its main role is to give opinions, around 150 per year, to the Parliament and the Council of the EU and the European Commission.


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