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Meeting between SSM, the Labour Inspectorate and the ILO

Today in the premises of the Federation of Trade Unions of Macedonia a meeting between the President of CCM, Darko Dimovski, the Director of the State Labor Inspectorate, Jovana Trencevska, ILO Coordinator, Emil Krstanovski and Natasha Mechkaroska Simjanorka ILO Project Coordinator was held.

At the meeting it was agreed the cooperation between CCM and the State Labour Inspectorate to be strengthened regarding workers' reports on violation of their labour rights.

With the support of the International Labor Organization, CCM and the State Labor Inspectorate will start an activity with which workers, through CCM will receive legal protection and a real partner in exercising their labor rights established by law and collective agreements.

During the meeting the participants discussed and reviewed the submitted workers' reports to the State Labor Inspectorate through CCM refering to unpaid annual leave allowances, unpaid salaries, illegal termination of employment contracts, etc.

The joint conclusion from the meeting is that workers should be encouraged to report any violations of their labour rights.

In the next period CCM and the State Labor Inspectorate shall work together on restoring the confidence in the institutional solution of workers' problems and restore the security of workers' rights.



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