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The Youth Section of the Federation of Trade Unions of Macedonia, with the support of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, office in Skopje, organized a conference on the topic: "The role of young people in trade unions".

The purpose of this Conference was to present and discuss the role of the young people in the unions, in direction of affirmation and promotion of their socio- economic situation in the society.

On the Conference, the President of the Youth Section of the Federation of Trade Unions of Macedonia, Irena Ivanovska presented the Action Program and future activities of the Youth Section of CCM, in front of the representatives from youth organizations, relevant social partners, and other organizations and institutions from the country who were present on the Conference in great number.

The goal of the Youth Section is to create initiatives aimed at strengthening the position of young people in the labor market as well as promoting their labor rights through an inclusive process and targeting all relevant stakeholders, organizations and institutions.

On this Conference, her address had the Director FES, Skopje, Ms. Eva Ellereit, who emphasized the importance of the unions for the democratic processes, having in mind their influence and role, especially the importance of the youth structures within the unions who have power to make changes.

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Photo Gallery:

Caption 1. Opening of the Conference

Caption 2.Address of Ms. Eva Ellereit, Director of FES Skopje

Caption 3. Presentation of the Action Program of the Youth Section of CCM

Caption 4. The Youth Section- part of the big european and international family 

Caption 5. Video address of the President of the ETUC Youth Committee, Viktora Nagy

Caption 6. Video address of the Vice President of the ETUC Youth Committee and President of the Mediterranian region, Graham Sansone

Caption 7. Video address of the President of the Youth Committee, LO Swede, Josefin Johansson

Caption 8. Representatives of youth organizations, social partenrs and other institutions in the country

Caption 9. Blazhen Maleski, President of the National Youth Council of Macedonia 


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