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Statement of ETUC General Secretary, Mr. Luca Visentini

The ETUC General Secretay, Mr. Luca Visentini, gave a Statement to the Media regarding the High Level Conference titled: New Labor Law, Harmonization of the National with the European Labor Legislation, in organization of the Federation of Trade Unions of Macedonia that was held in Skopje on 21.11.2019.

"The European Trade Union Confederation is very happy about the opportunity to be in Skopje today and to show solidarity to the trade unions in the country. We regret the European Council's decision not to open accession negotiations with the Republic of North Macedonia and we express our solidarity with workers and their unions. As ETUC we have made very clear our position towards the European institutions for the process to be reopened, and at the same time we encourage the Government, trade unions and social partners in the country to improve mainly in two areas.

The first concerns the economy, levels of employment and unemployment in the country, despite the very relevant efforts to increase GDP and raise the minimum wage, but this is not the needed level.

There is a need for greater investment, creation of more jobs, and it is also necessary to set certain conditions when it comes to foreign investors coming into the country to exploit cheap labor and they need to respect the rules just as they do in the countries where they come from.

There is a need to create more quality job opportunities for young people not to leave the country, but there is an also need to adjust wages and keep them at an adequate level as the living wage and it is also necessary to strengthen collective bargaining especially in the private sector.

The second concerns the reform of the Labor Law. We welcome the ongoing discussion in this regard, but at the same time we recommend keeping the positive aspects of the current Law and to use the revision process to strengthen social dialogue, to improve the coverage of collective bargaining and to fill the gaps that still exists in the Labor Code in line with the European Directives and ILO Conventions.

Finally I want to than to the President of CCM, Darko Dimovski and the Federation of Trade Unions of Macedonia for the invitation and the opportunity to participate in the Conference. The European Confederation of Trade Unions will stay at your disposal for any support and help in future if needed."

1. Видео од изјавата на Генералниот секретар на ЕКС(ETUC), Лука Висентини (Statement of Mr. Luca Visentini)

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