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On 13.12.2018 in organization of the International Labor Organization, a tripartite meeting on determing the minimum wage was held on which representatives from the unions, social partners and other stakeholders were present. Also on this meeting the draft study "Impacts on raising the minimum wage in Macedonia in 2017" was presented.


Caption1. The president of CCM, Darko Dimovski on the meeting

The meeting was attended by the President of CCM, Darko Dimovski, the Head of the Departments, Slobodan Trendafilov and Ljubica Deckovska, Department on economic and social issues.

The President Dimovski emphasized that with the minimum wage of 12.165,00 denars in November 2018, only 37.38% of the costs calculated in the minimum trade union basket are being covered, which for November 2018 amounts to 32.545,00 denars, and if the employee receives the average salary paid in the state in September 2018 (September is the last data from the SSO) in the amount of 24.355,00 denars, he/she shall cover only 74.96% of the most necessary needs of his four-member family (32,492.69 denars trade union minimum basket). In order to ensure the total value of the products and services included in the basket calculation, he/she lacks 33.41% of the average salary - ie nominal amount of 8,137.00 MKD.

The data show that there is a justified need to increase the minimum wage and the Federation of Trade Unions of Macedonia in the future will offer a model which shall be in workers' interest not causing major financial implications for the employers.

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