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Departments - Professional Service

Within the Administrative Office of CCM, there are three departments: Department of Economic and Social Issues, Development and Education, Department of Labor Relations and Legal Protection and Department of Administrative procedures.

Head of the departments is Slobodan Trendafilov.

The head of the departments organizes and coordinates the work of departments, cooperates with with the unions and participates in the work of departments, gives suggestions and opinions in the work of departments, participates in conferences, workshops and other meetings and performs other tasks.


Department of economic and social issues, education and development

Ljubica Dekovska, Professional Associate on economic and social issues
Inda Savic, Professional Associate on development

The department for economic and social issues, development and education monitors the situation in the social and economic sphere, the material and social position of workers, examines the macro and micro economic projects of the Government, monitors the implementation of social policy, participates in the adoption and implementation of employment policies, monitors the situation with salaries and benefits, initiates questions about the Economic and social Council, provides opinions and proposals for implementing EU regulations. 
In the field of organizational development, the department monitors the implementation of the guaranteed trade union rights, suggests ways to use union funds trade union struggle, follows and examines positive experiences of the European and global trade union movement.


Department of labor relations and legal protection

Lile Petrova, Professional Associate on labor relations 
Danica Mihailovska, Professional Associate on legal procedures

The department of labor relations, legal protection and collective bargaining follows the legal regulations in the field of employment - the legal and social position of workers, examines the laws and make suggestions and opinions about them, as well as initiatives for adoption of laws. In the area of legal protection provides legal protection of union members in the field of labor relations, giving directions and suggestions for protection of workers' rights, 
Participates in drafting, signing, monitoring and enforcement of Collective Agreements.


Department of administrative procedures and information

The Department of Administrative procedures participates in the daily activities of CCM, organizes information in the Federation of Trade Unions of Macedonia, informs the membership and public about the activities of CCM, organizes press conferences, briefings and meetings with journalists, edits CCM’s web page, prepares information for CCM between two sessions of the Council and other duties related to information.


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