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Youth Section

Youth Section

Federation of Trade Unions of Macedonia

"Action Program 2018 - 2020"


According to the "Action Program 2018-2020", adopted on June 13, 2018, the Youth Section of SSM continues its activity on: issues of social and economic life that are especially important for the position of young people, youth education, increased impact and participation in the changes that mean social inclusion and integration in the society.

Youth Section will focus on the following areas:

  1. Access to education for all young people;
  2. Improving the transition from school to employment;
  3. Working on opening new, better workplaces for young people;
  4. Commitment to safer and healthier working conditions;
  5. Organizing campaigns for youth membership in trade unions;
  6. Housing policies for young people;
  7. Participation in making laws and their amendment.

Trade unions must find ways of bringing young people closer to the unions, to learn about their problems, needs and their expectations of the trade unions.

The Program requires programs for contact with young people in high school last year and university before the transition to employment, and also to the young people at the workplace. For these purposes Youth section will:

  • run active campaigns in areas where unions are traditionally present;
  • cooperate with student organizations, NGOs and other organizations;
  • prepare publications;
  • contact with young workers;
  • inform young workers about their employment rights;
  • organize panel discussions with topics of interest to youth;
  • organize cultural, sports and entertainment events.

Objectives of the youth section are:

  • providing equal access to education for all young people, their vocational guidance, training and retraining;
  • Improving the system of information on the labor market;
  • opening specific workplaces for young people.

At tripartite level unions need to seek: reduction of overtime in order to increase the number of jobs, creating opportunities for affordable loans for youth self employment, creating opportunities for education and retraining of unemployed youth, youth who are employed in precarious places, especially young women, disabled youth and youth belonging to national minorities.

On the plan of the international cooperation Youth Section will seek to establish a quality system for flow of information and will include in the "Coordination Network of Trade Union youth of Central and Eastern Europe."

Especially important is the cooperation between youth sections of the national unions to exchange ideas and experiences.


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