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President of SSM


The President of SSM is Darko Dimovski.

The President of SSM represents SSM and acts on behalf of SSM. In the same time he/she is the president of the Council, Presidency, and Executive Board of SSM. The president chairs the sessions of the Presidium, Council, and Executive Board of the Presidency of SSM.

Tasks and responsibilities of the President:

  • co-ordinates the activities and is responsible for determining and implementing of the policy and attitudes of common interest with the trade unions;
  • implements the decisions, conclusions, and standpoints of SSM bodies;
  • proposes measures and solutions, contacts and organizes negotiations with  representatives of state authorities and employers;
  • signs the acts of SSM bodies;
  • on a demand of the trade unions, he participates in the work  of their bodies;
  • before the bodies of the unions starts initiatives on the topic of interest of SSM;
  • follows and implements the determined policy and adopted acts of SSM’s bodies;
  • gives proposals for election, assignment or dismissal;
  • carries out the assignments and dismissals in SSM according to SSM’s acts;
  • accomplishes other tasks in compliance with the Programme and the Statute.


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