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Trade Union of the workers in Chemical, Metal and Non- Metal Industry of the Republic of Macedonia

12 Udarna Brigada 2 A, 1000 Skopje 
Tel + +389 2 3162-968 
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Structure of the Trade Union of workers in Chemical, Metal and Non- metal Industry of the Republic of Macedonia (SHNM)  
The workers in companies from chemical activities, non-metals and metals are organized in SHNM according to a branch/sector through several different areas of organization and action. 

The core of SHNM are union organizations in enterprises i.e. trade union offices. SHNM’s structure is the following:

• Trade Union Council of SHNM 
• Branch/Sectoral Trade union 
• Trade Union’s shop steward 
• Trade Union Offices 
• Members of SHNM 

The main goal of SHNM is protection of labor and social position of the worker

• The cost of effort to be worthy of the worker and guaranteed by a Collective Agreement 
• Secure jobs 
• Better conditions for life and work 
• Protection of employee’s rights at the workplace 
• Protection of worker’s health and environment 
• Establishment of industrial democracy 
• Improvement of workers’ education level 


• Advocacy and negotiation with employers 
• Giving advice and free legal protection 
• Through negotiations to put an impact on increase of wages and improving working conditions 
• Control of labor rights in the workplace 
• Providing further education of its members on Occupational Health and Safety
• Fight for equal working conditions for women and men 
• Fight for implementation of OHS Law 
• It affects the adoption of fair employment and social laws 


• Autonomous and independent organization of workers 
• Voluntary membership regardless national, political, religious and other believes 
• Negotiation, mediation, strike 
• Solidarity of members with members of other unions 
• Continuous education and training of trade union work 
• Use of knowledge of power, not the power of knowledge 


• SHNM has the exclusive right to collective bargaining 
• Trade Union acts in the biggest and most profitable companies in Chemical activities, Metal and Non-Metal Industry in the Republic 
• Every progress in the amount of salary and working conditions are a result of the operation of SHNM 
• The percentage of won court cases is 100 % 
• Companies in which SHNM acts have better salaries, better working conditions and working environment



Zoran Mironovski


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