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The Chairman of the Labor Committee to schedule the session as soon as possible

The Federation of Trade Unions of Macedonia, as the initiator of the amendments to the Labor Law to regulate Sunday as a non-working day and in order to promote workers' rights and harmonize national legislation with the international labor standards, requests from the Chairman of the Committee on Labor and Social Policy in the Parliament to schedule a session of the Committee as soon as possible, at which the draft amendments to the law shall be considered in the second reading, which were sent to the Parliament in July this year.

In that way, all legal assumptions will be met, the amendments to the law will be put on the agenda of the session of the Parliament, in time, so that workers can use the right Sunday to be a non-working day starting from October 1 this year as agreed by all social partners in the country.

We expect that what the social partners have agreed on the Economic and Social Council to be fully respected and implemented by the Parliament.


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