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Harmonization of the Minimum Wage in March 2021

According to Article 4 of the Official Gazette of the Republic of Macedonia no. 11/2012, 30/2014, 180/2014, 81/2015, 129/2015 and 132/2017, the amount of the minimum gross wage for the previous year is being harmonized each year in March according to:

- one third of the increase of the average salary in the Republic of Macedonia

- one third of the increase in the living cost index

- one third of the real growth of the Gross Domestic Product, for the previous year, according to the data of the State Statistical Office.

The calculations of SSM show that according to the Criteria for harmonization of the minimum wage in March 2021, the minimum wage should be adjusted by 3.17%


1/3 of salary increase                                                  2,77%                     8,3%

1/3 of living costs increase                                            0,4%                     1,2%

1/3 GDP increase                                                            /                             /

                                                                                    3,17 %                    9,5%



The current net minimum wage is 14.955,00 MKD.

With the harmonization in March 2021, the net minimum wage shall be increased by 446 MKD (15.401,00 MKD)

While the gross minimum wage is now 21.776,00 MKD.

With this harmonization, the gross minimum wage shall be increased by 690 MKD (22.466,00)

The average net wage for December 2020 is 28.294,00 MKD and the net minimum salary shall amount to 15.401,00 while covering 54.43% of the average salary.

The Federation of Trade Unions of Macedonia believes that such increase of the minimum wage is not enough given that in the past, the Macedonian workers only for treatments due to illness or isolation from Covid-19 purchasing vitamins and medicines have spent at least 6.000,00 MKD per month.

For these reasons, we appeal that the minimum wage to cover 60% of the average wage and not to be less than 16.976,00 MKD.

Additionally, we remind that the increase of the Minimum Wage should mean a spiral increase of other wages in all sectors, and we remind that it is not legal for employers to pay salary only in the amount of the minimum wage, if workers work in shifts, work overtime, work during holidays, etc.

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