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Illegal dismissals in Bargala AD Stip according to the State Labour Inspectorate

The cooperation between the Federation of Trade Unions of Macedonia led by the President Darko Dimovski and the State Labor Inspectorate under the leadership of the Director Jovana Trencevska is at the highest level.

The SLI, acting on CCM's reports regarding illegal dismissal of about 100 workers in Bargala AD, has found that the "boss" had illegally terminated the employment contracts of the workers.

CCM, in the past period has been pointing out to the "boss" that he is acting contrary to the law and that the time of the local "sheriffs - bosses" is long over, but stil, the employer acted against the law, for which several criminal charges against all involved parties in Bargala AD had been filed.

We remind that with a Decision from the Court in Stip, the debtor Bargala AD Stip has been forbidden to dispose the property without the approval of the Bankruptcy Trustee and we expect the temporary Bankruptcy Trustee to take all neccessary measures to return the workers to work.

We advise workers, after receiving the decisions to return back to their jobs.

You can see the video on the link bellow: 

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