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It is not legal workers to receive salaries in the amount of the minimum wage for the month of January

After receiving complaints from our members, the Federation of Trade Unions of Macedonia points out to the workers that it is not legal the employers to convince them that in January 2021 they have to receive a salary in the amount of the minimum wage, and workers in addition to working full time, were additionally engaged to work on holidays (there were several holidays in January), worked overtime, have working experience (years of service) for more than a year, worked in shifts, worked at night, etc.
Considering that according to the Labor Law, the salary is paid for periods that cannot be longer than one month and the salary is paid no later than 15 days after the expiration of the payment period and salary calculations are still made, we point out to the workers that:
- The employee is entitled to earnings - salary, according to law, collective agreement and employment contract.
- The allowances are determined for the special working conditions, which arise from the schedule of working hours, such as shift work, part-time work, night work, work on a day off, etc
- The minimum wage is the lowest monthly amount of the basic salary that the employer is obliged to pay to the employee for a full time job
- The salary is composed of: basic salary; part of the salary for work performance, and salary allowances
- The basic salary cannot be lower than the minimum wage set by law.
- The basic salary of the employee is increased when the employee works in conditions more difficult than normal, for a certain job, as well as the basic salary of the employee is increased per hour by at least: 35% for overtime work, 35% for night work, 5% for work in three shifts, 50% for work during weekly rest. For work on holidays and non-working days determined by law, the employee is entitled to compensation of the salary increased by 50%, and the allowances are not mutually exclusive.
Together, workers, trade unions and inspection services must contribute to preventing workers from being manipulated, underestimated and underpaid for their work.
We demand fair wages determined by collective bargaining.


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