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The construction union - SGIP together with 13 brave workers are leading the fight with the bosses of Beton AD Skopje, with the temporary bankruptcy trustee, and with the court in order to collect their illegally unpaid wages from last year as well as for this year 2023.

Unfortunately, from more than 600 workers a few months ago in Beton AD Skopje, the number has been reduced to less than a hundred workers today, the rest of the workers are waiting for someone else to lead their battle for their wages.

We encourage all workers to join and fight together with their colleagues and the union.

Unfortunately, the court again postponed the hearing after the proposal for bankruptcy for a month to the detriment of the workers, but the fight is paying off and part of the arrears of wages are already on their accounts.

In order to prevent the workers from being tricked, the union submitted an additional proposal for bankruptcy, a criminal complaint, a report to the Financial Police, and a report to the State Labor Inspectorate, and the institutions must act and protect the workers.

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