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1 May 2016

First of May, the International Labor Day, 2016


May 1st, - the International Labor Day is a day when we celebrate the historic struggle of the workers for better labor rights, secure jobs, better and safer social and economic welfare for themselves and their families.

Today, Trade Unions are facing with strong challenges imposed by the neoliberal policies of the still present economic crisis and in the Republic of Macedonia they are standing upright in front of the serious political crisis.

In this context, the trade union struggle becomes one of the most important factors in mobilizing all union forces on the principle of unity, solidarity and trust to achieve social and economic rights of workers, to promote workers' rights, eliminate inequality, enriching the social dialogue with the involvement of unions in the creation of social and economic policies generally to provide secure jobs and implementing industrial democracy.

The Federation of Trade Unions of Macedonia (CCM) and this year shall require further involvement in all processes that lead to the promotion of social dialogue, better jobs and implementation of industrial democracy, promotion of information and consultation processes, participation in economic governance, promoting the process of collective negotiation and bargaining, providing conditions for healthy and safe workplaces, reliable and increased wages, economic and gender equality and enhanced social rights and standards for all workers.

CCM this year shall implement the campaign to organize and mobilize new membership and affiliation of unorganized workers, providing institutional opportunity for them to achieve collective protection and promotion of social justice, social inclusion, solidarity and collective labor rights.

CCM during this year shall request from all social partners to enrich the social dialogue, promotion of collective bargaining by strengthening the institutional framework of the Labor Code and signing and implementation of the Protocol for social progress.

At the same time we do demand from the relevant political parties to urgently resolve the political crisis and to set conditions for normal development of the country, as well as implementation of EU integration processes of the Republic of Macedonia.

Considering the current situation and strategic plans for campaign work, and taking into consideration of the celebration of one of the biggest Christian holidays, Easter, the Federation of Trade Unions, the First of May – the International Labor Day shall celebrate with the launch of the campaign: "Organizing and mobilizing new membership" which shall be realized during this year.

CCM in the name of the historical tradition and struggle for social justice and industrial democracy, citing the need for greater social inclusion, equality, political, ethnic, religious and ethnic tolerance, economic growth, development of labor rights to all workers and citizens of the Republic of Macedonia, congratulates the First of May- the International Labor day.

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