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PROCLAMATION- FIRST OF MAY- First of May, the International Labor Day, 2017

Federation of Trade Unions of Macedonia



First of May, the International Labor Day, 2017

CCM congratulates the First of May, the International Labor Day to all workers and citizens of the Republic of Macedonia, recalling the historical tradition and struggle of the workers for decent work, social justice, social equity and inclusion, workers' rights, economic and social growth.

CCM calls for mobilizing all progressive trade unions and other entities to ensure the principle of solidarity, unity and trust, as a necessary condition for further development of the Republic of Macedonia, for better social and material condition and security of the workers, citizens and young people, building a modern welfare state as a member of the EU, with implemented European social model that ensures elimination of social exclusion, elimination of poverty, decent wages, safe and secure jobs.

CCM this year shall affirm the goals and principles and shall require implementation of the Social Progress Protocol which focuses on further development of the social dialogue, implementation of the collective bargaining at all levels, raising the standard of living, the quality of life, increase of wages, implementation of "equal pay for equal work", ratification and implementation of international labor standards, the rule of law and promotion of labor legislation, elimination of any kind of gender, sex, age and any other kind of discrimination.

CCM shall consistently implement the Campaign of the European Trade Union Confederation for Pay Rises and shall require development of a general strategy to increase the wages, increase of the minimum wages and the lower wages, filling the gap in certain sectors. This strategy must be an essential tool for combating inequality, fight for justice and fight against social exclusion.

CCM remains extremely dedicated to the fight for safe jobs, employment contracts for an indefinite period of time, shortening the period of employment for a definite period of time, additional retirement conditions, additional tax exemption of labor fees, participative workers’ democracy and secure social solidarity funds.

Finally, once again congratulating this day, CCM calls and asks from the relevant political parties an urgent resolution of the political crisis, normal development of the country and European perspectives of the Republic of Macedonia.


Long live the dignity of labor!


All together!

- For collective bargaining;

- For decent work;

- For more retirement conditions;

- For higher salaries;

- For employment contracts for indefinite period of time;

- For social justice and equality;

- NO for social exclusion.

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