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SSM expresses serious concern and justified revolt due to the fact that the Government continues with the intention to humiliate Macedonian workers to the end, to deprive them of their dignity and make them slaves in their own country at the expense and interest of foreign companies and corporations and thus not only will pour the money of the Macedonian workers and citizens - taxpayers into foreign companies but also wants to enable these companies like Bechtel and Enka to overwork, overwork and weaken the workers who obviously should be not only slaves but also robots.

Contrary to the principles of international labor law, the ILO Conventions, the Decisions of the Constitutional Court which ruled in detail on those issues and declared unconstitutional the Provisions of the Highway Construction Law by Bechtel and Enka where contrary to all legal rules and contrary common sense wanted those workers to work for 60 or more hours, as well as the fact that it resolved the question of the constitutionality of the provisions of the Law on Labor Relations with which Sunday is a non-working day, for the deputies proposers: Arbana Pasholi, Arben Ziberi, Arber Ademi, Arta Biljali-Zendeli, Bajram Kadrija, Bedri Fazli, Berat Aidari, Vjolca Ademi, Daniela Nikolova, Ljatife Shikovska, Merita Kolci Kodjadziku, Rina Aidari, Fisnike Bekteshi Shaqiri, Halil Snopce, these Decisions of the Constitutional Court are nothing more than toilet paper and on a small door on their proposal on Monday, MPs from the ruling majority want overtime to be able to last longer than eight hours during a week, more than eight hours on average per week for a period of three months and more than 190 hours a year in cases where it is about things of national and strategic interest for the state, after previously given written consent of the worker and the workers who work on projects of national and strategic interest for the Republic of Macedonia, that the workers do not have a day off and work on Sundays.

The government, apparently blinded by the billions of euros, not its own money but money from the taxes of all citizens, and money that it plans to give to foreign companies instead of domestic companies, and for which there are already serious accusations of corruption, does not take care of its workers and citizens, does not care about international and European labor law, the Constitution of Macedonia and most importantly does not care about the health and life of workers.

The MPs cannot agree to cut their enormously increased salaries by an incredible 78% in two days, but that is why in two days they can shamelessly turn the workers into slaves and turn Macedonia into one society for the officials and one regime for citizens and workers.

We appeal to all MPs to think carefully before casting their vote for these disastrous proposals for changes to labor rights laws, which are proposed without social dialogue, without public debate, without discussion, and without time to understand the consequences of them if they are adopted.

We remind you that we once challenged and overturned this before the Constitutional Court.

The national and strategic interest of the State should be to have healthy and well-paid workers, to keep workers at home, and not to give them a one-way ticket out of the State, because without workers and citizens, there are no MPs, ministers, and officials, and there is no State either!

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