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CCM's request for salary subsidies has been accepted, thus preventing the announced wave of layoffs.

With the support for payment of salaries, which continues to be valid for the last quarter of the year, ie for the months of October, November and December, jobs will be saved.

The bosses shall not abuse the financial assistance, but the money will end up in the pockets of the workers, otherwise they will bear legal consequences such as criminal charges and imprisonment.

At the request of the Federation of Trade Unions of Macedonia in the new fourth package of economic measures, the measure of support for payment of salaries is again provided.

A novelty in this measure is that the support will be determined gradually according to the decline in the revenues of companies. The greater the decline in revenues in the companies covered by this measure, the greater will be the support from the state for the payment of salaries and it will range from the current 14,500 to 21,776 denars. We provided more money to support employees, for job stability.

Interview of the President Dimovski



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