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SSM together with the workers initiated a procedure for closure of the company

The workers from Bargala AD Stip even after the expiration of the deadline 15.06.2021 when the salary for May 2021 was supposed to be paid to the workers as well as the arrears for September 2020 and April 2021 did not receive their salaries.

Today the President of CCM, Darko Dimovski was on the street in front of the factory together with the workers.

Workers request to exercise their right in accordance with Article 67 of the Labor Law, paragraph (1) "Workers to whom the employer has not paid wages and has not paid wage contributions for three consecutive months, have the right to file an initiative to the employer. "

CCM as in the whole past period provides free legal protection for the workers and this time in agreement with them, shall collect signatures for initiating procedure before a competent court for termination of the operation of Bargala AD Stip.

Following a report from CCM, the Public Revenue Office and the State Labour Inspectorate have been conducting inspections in the past days.

We shall fight the battle untill the end, together with the workers, said President Dimovski.


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