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SUTKOZ has provided financial assistance for the catering services being closed from 6-27 April

Trade Union of SUTKOZ in the past period had worked intensely to protect workers in the most affected sectors, such as catering and tourism.

The President of SUTKOZ, Darko Dimovski said that the Union has submitted its proposals for the new set of measures to the Government and together with CCM has provided six million euros financial assistance from the sixth package aimed at the most affected sectors.

The measure applies to all those operators who were closed in the period between 6-27 April.

The information we have is that 2.406 applications for financial assistance have been received, and only 202 applicants, who were not registered with the appropriate activity code, will not have access to the assistance.

We remind that these funds are for the workers. We encourage workers to report all violations of their labor rights to the Union of SUTKOZ and CCM through the mobile application CCM - My Labour rights, on the telephone number 070 818 878, or by e-mail at

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