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The Federation of Trade Unions of Macedonia together with the workers from Bargala AD Stip are disappointed by the unpreparedness and bias behaviour of the temporary Bankruptcy Trustee Pepi Panev who does not work in the interest of the workers and the company.

Today's hearing on the proposal of the interim Bankruptcy Trustee, Pepi Panev, was postponed to 02.09.2021, for which SSM strongly opposed.

The Temporary Bankruptcy Trustee since his appointment, although the PRO and the State Labor Inspectorate have found illegal actions, continues in the footsteps of the current boss and does not act in compliance with the Decisions for return of workers and payment of salaries.

The workers who were in front of the Court in Stip were waiting for the temporary Bankruptcy Trustee Pepi Panev at the entrance of the court to tell him that they are hungry because he does not implement the Decisions from the SLI for returning the workers to work and payment of their salaries. 

The workers who are still at work today as a sign of revolt due to unpaid additional 2 salaries for June and July did not work and are waiting for an answer from the employer and the temporary Bankruptcy Trustee.

SSM will not stop until the demands of the workers are met, and all those who knowingly reduce the rights of the workers will be held criminally liable.


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