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While all trade unions in Macedonia, experts, professors, citizens, ambassadors, and workers are against it, 62 deputies today fulfilled the wish of the government officials and contrary to all democratic values, by abusing the European flag and force, they adopted the need and intention of introduction of a 72-hour working week in Macedonia, or the working hours of the workers increased by 80%, just as much as they increased their salaries!

The MPs decided today that the construction of the new roads at the request of the Government, instead of money and time, should be paid for with human (working) lives, i.e. to save 150 million euros and 2 years longer (due to the already signed agreement in which no one knows what they undertook) to build the roads and decided to sacrifice dozens of workers' lives.

The SSM is of the same opinion as President Pendarovski who announced that he will not sign the decree on the law, and that is that the Constitutional Court has established practice by having already made a decision once.

The argument that the construction time and the cost of SSM will be reduced is meaningless if the life and health of a huge number of workers are at risk!

Yesterday, the union submitted a written request and an open letter to European Ambassador Gir to prevent the abuse of the European flag of this law and received assurances from the co-editions of European and world unions that they will submit the SSM's remarks to the European Commission.

European ambassador Gir said in a statement to the media today

"We are concerned about the marking of laws related to corridors 8 and 10d with a European flag, given that there is no compliance with EU standards."

You can watch the entire report of Telma Television and the statement of Slobodan Trendafilov from SSM at the link:

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