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The personal commitment of the vaccination of workers should and must be a result of their awareness.

The immunization process must not be carried out to the detriment of the basic rights of the citizens guaranteed by the Constitution, international conventions and laws and against the will of the individual.

Based on the position of the science on the positive effects of immunization for the survival of mankind, we believe that membership, workers and citizens should decide for themselves to be vaccinated to protect themselves and their families, but we are exclusively against immunization to be carried out to the detriment of physical and the mental integrity of workers and citizens.

Workers must take into account that unlike employers who usually travel to work alone in a vehicle, they usually come to work by organized transport or public transport with a larger group of workers, as opposed to the employer who works alone in the office or working from home and they have higher risk of infection. 

The employers, the union and the professional public, all need to engage and provide adequate and complete information to workers about the importance of the immunization process and the expected effects in order to combat the pandemic.

The personal determination of workers for vaccination should and must be a result of their information and trust in the overall process of immunization to protect the life and health of workers.


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