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A working meeting between CCM and ADKOM

On 20.07.2021 a working meeting in the Executive Office of ADKOM was held which was attended by the President of the Board of ADKOM Mr. Zoran Gorgiev, the President of CCM and SUTKOZ, Mr. Darko Dimovski and the Executive Director of ADKOM, Mrs. Lolita Stojanovska.

At this working meeting, the situation in the public utility companies was discussed, with special reference to the problem of the employees in PCEs in the part of the Law on Public Employees and the Law on Administrative Servants.

On behalf of PCE, Mr. Gorgiev emphasized the position, ie the disagreement of PCE with the inclusion of employees in the Law on Administrative Servants, and the President of SUTKOZ - Dimovski agreed with the need for a return of all employees from the Public Utility Companies under the Labour Law.

It was also agreed that the working groups of SUTKOZ and ADKOM will jointly compile and sign the request for exemption of communal workers from the Law on Public Employees and the Law on Administrative Servants.

This will solve the long-standing problem faced by both workers and employers in the communal activities, by placing them under laws that apply to them, such as the Labor Law, the Law on Communal Activities and the Collective Agreement, without dividing these workers.

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