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75th Anniversary of the Federation of Trade Unions of Macedonia


On August 21, we mark a significant jubilee, 75 years since the founding of the Federation of Trade Unions of Macedonia.

The first Congress of the Federation of Trade Unions of Macedonia, then called the United Trade Unions of the Workers of Macedonia, began on 18 and lasted until August 21, 1946 in the City Park in Skopje, Macedonia, at a time when the working class was successfully fighting for recovering of the country.

Thus begins our successful story which in the period from the first Congress of CCM onwards has great significance for the working class.

Asparuh Korubinoski was elected as the first President, and since its establishment, the Federation of Trade Unions of Macedonia has had 19 Presidents.

The last 20th Congress of CCM was held on 03.07.2020 and Darko Dimovski was elected as a President.

Today, CCM is the most important part of the union history, and our activity continues to be a hallmark of trade unionism in the country.

CCM functions as the oldest, representative trade union and social partner in the country and primarily advocates for activities and measures that will contribute to the revival and development of the economy as a basis for overall progress of society, and our utmost priority is workers’ rights, interests and needs.

CCM is the leader of the trade union movement in Macedonia, as the oldest and most numerous trade union in the country. This leadership position has been managed with a hard work, especially in the field with its membership, in order to maintain all these 75 years since its establishment.

To be the first in conditions of trade union pluralism in the country is not easy, it requires constant reorganization, professional, technical and technological adaptation to the modern needs and requirements of the membership and workers.

Our expertise and capacities, care for workers and citizens, the courage of all union leaders who are at the front of CCM, our open approach to the social partners, our uncompromised efforts when it comes to workers' rights, makes us what we are - the only representative union and a respected national social partner in the country.

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