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The agony of the workers in Bargala continues

Today's hearing at which the Court in Stip was supposed to decide on the status of AD Bargala from Stip was postponed and the same was rescheduled for 9.9.2021.

At the request of SSM, a group of employees participated in the hearing to see first hand how the temporary Bankruptcy Trustee is biased and continues in the footsteps of the current manager and how it is normal for the workers to stay on the streets and not to return to work.

According to the Report on the undertaken activities and the material financial operation of the debtor Bargala, the accounts are blocked for an incredible 612 days, and despite that, the temporary Bankruptcy Trustee deems that BARGALA AD Stip shall continue to work.

Additionally, at today's hearing, the interim Bankruptcy Trustee and the debtor AD Bargala had hired a new lawyer, which shows that they continue to spend the company's money on other things that are not necessary for the normal functioning of the company, instead of employees' salaries. 

At today's hearing, the President of SSM Darko Dimovski was with the workers and he also stressed that they will fight untill the demands of the workers are met.

We mention that there is no legal obstacle, the workers that the employer illegally fired to return to work, after the individual reports submitted by SSM and the State Labour Inspectorate obliged the employer to annul the illegal decisions and return them to work.

SSM continues to conduct procedures in accordance with the law and responsibility will be sought for all those who knowingly reduce workers' rights in compliance with the law and collective agreement.


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