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Campaign: Defining Trade Unions to YOUth

The Federation of Trade Unions of Macedonia and the Youth Committee of CCM, are launching the Campaign "Defining Trade Unions to YOUth" to inform young people on their employment rights and bring the union closer to them, by building the idea of ​​solidarity, unity and joint fight for a better future.

This Campaign is a cooperation between the youth structures of the largest trade unions in the Republic of N. Macedonia and Romania (Federation of Trade Unions of Macedonia and C.N.S.L.R. Frăția), with the contribution of the youth network of PODKREPA, Bulgaria, and is supported by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation.

In a time of global health and economic crisis, it has once again shown that young people, both in our country and in other European countries, face a huge number of issues and challenges when it comes to their employment rights. According to the information we have, in our country since the beginning of the health crisis, 35.318 people have lost their jobs and almost 34% of them are young people under 29 years, which is a worrying information, given the fact that most of the young people who have lost their jobs, had fixed-term employment contracts and were not unionized.

For this purpose, by creating these materials we want to reach young people and raise awareness of the importance and role of the unions in defending workers' rights, as one of the only legitimate organizations of all employees.


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