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The Federation of Trade Unions of Macedonia, listening to workers' proposals for greater availability of free legal protection, has introduced a new tool, CCM - My Labor rights

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which is the first mobile application through which workers and citizens can report violations of workers' rights to the Federation of Trade Unions of Macedonia.

The mobile app offers workers to report a violated right for themself and another person, to anonymously report, to have a direct communication with representatives of CCM and to follow news from CCM.

The anonymous reporting as an option is mostly used by workers and represents (62% of the total number of reported violations of workers' rights).

According to the data from the application, workers mostly report violations of workers' rights:

-61% are related to salary, overtime work, right to minimum wage, allowances and salary contributions

-18% are related to the violated right to annual leave and the right to annual leave recourse

-12% are related to change of employment contracts, termination of employment,

-5% are related to health and safety at work and

-4% are related to the rights of the trade union representative and the collective bargaining

The type of reports: 63% are complaints, 22% are for violations and 15% are requests.

59% of the reports are closed and have already been processed by CCM or the State Labor Inspectorate, 29% of the reports are in process, and 12% are open for which additional information is awaited from the workers regarding the violations of their employment rights.

According to the statistics from the application, 87% of the reports are coming from employees and 13% are from unemployed persons or persons whose employment was terminated.

The application was developed with the assistance of the International Labor Organization and the project Strengthening Social Dialogue.

The design of the website is supported by Promoting Social Dialogue
The Project is funded by the European Union, and implemented by the International Labour Organization.

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