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Immunization of workers

The Federation of Trade Unions of Macedonia emphasizes the seriousness of the increasing number of reports from workers that unscrupulous employers prevent them from being vaccinated on the appointed days or the day of immunization of workers is being treated as unpaid leave.

All this discourages workers from being immunized, thus endangering the lives and health of all, but also hinders the Government's measures for mass immunization of the population as the only way out of the health crisis and opportunity for gradual return to all functions of society and the state.

We are witnesses that financial and other benefits are being introduced in the countries around us in order to motivate the population for immunization, and according to the data available to CCM, some employers in our country are discouraging workers, thus acting contrary to the measures and activities of the Government.

We urge the competent state and inspection bodies to take vigorous measures to sanction unscrupulous employers who violate the legal provisions, state strategies and plans for immunization of the population in this way.

We request from the Commission for Infectious Diseases as soon as possible to recommend to the Government adoption of appropriate protocols for mandatory paid leave of absence for workers on the day of immunization, as well as for the days when workers have reactions due to the immunization.

We appeal to all workers to report unscrupulous employers to CCM on the phone number 070 818 878 or by e-mail:, as well as through the new mobile application: CCM - My labor rights.

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