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Panel Discussion: Macedonian economy, before and after the COVID-19 pandemic

The President of the Federation of Trade Unions of Macedonia, Darko Dimovski, attended the panel debate: "Macedonian economy before and after the pandemic" organized by the Employers' Organization of Macedonia. 

The focus of the event was the Macedonian economy before and after the COVID-19 pandemic, on which speakers were the President of CCM, Darko Dimovski, the former President of ORM, Angel Dimitrov, the Prime Minister, Zoran Zaev and the Minister of Labor and Social Policy, Jagoda Shahpaska, who  discussed the current developments and challenges in the past period, but also the opportunities for economic development after the pandemic.

The President of CCM, Darko Dimovski emphasized that CCM as a representative union and current social partner, closely monitors and analyzes the social and economic situation in the country.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, CCM has seen the real need to support companies, primarily in terms of providing wages to workers and preserving jobs, in order to reduce the consequences of the health crisis.

In that direction, CCM as a relevant workers’ representative and participant in the social dialogue, has actively contributed to the creation of the five packages of economic measures with its proposals and initiatives. We have proposed serious, sustainable and realistic measures for protection of the life and jobs of workers and citizens and we have reacted vigilantly to any abuse of state aid intended for workers by unscrupulous employers.

CCM has insisted on adoption of the five packages of economic measures to support workers and companies to survive the crisis, to save jobs, employers to mitigate financial losses, so that both workers and employers can return to their activities as creators of economic and social life after the end of the pandemic.

The Former President of ORM, Angel Dimitrov stressed that although the social dialogue starts from different interests of trade unions, employers and the Government, participants should be prepared to compromise on key issues in everyone’s interest.

The main message of the event is "Strengthening social dialogue in the interest of all"

The Federation of Trade Unions of Macedonia received a plaque from the Organization of Employers of Macedonia for its successful and long-term cooperation.

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