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Press Release 7.10.2016

PRESS RELEASE- 7.10.2016

The Federation of Trade Unions of Macedonia this year shall actively be involved in mobilizing to mark the World Day for Decent Work. Starting from 2010 and all these years, the concept of decent work which CCM celebrates and promotes is a concept that is associated with the requirements for ensuring and promotion of social security, secure jobs, lower poverty rates, equal opportunities and work for all without discrimination of any kind, development of the social dialogue and participation of trade unions in the policies and decision-making on issues relevant to the workers.

Today, faced with the economic crisis and the threat of globalization of capital, corporate greed of companies and unequal distribution of profits, we shall mobilize our members to exercise the right of collective bargaining and trade union organizing in order acquire secure jobs and decent wages, social protection of all, exercise of the fundamental human rights, democracy and social justice, safe conditions at work, protection of certain categories of workers, women, disabled people and a healthy environment. CCM and this year shall be working in a devoted manner to implement in full the National Program for Decent Work 2015-2020.

This day we celebrate with several activities, promotions, posters, seminars and round tables devoted to the significant meaning of the World Day of Decent Work.

The President of CCM, PhD Zhivko Mitrevski on the occasion of 7th October, the World Day of Decent Work emphasized that decent work must be based among other things on the belief that every modern society should provide new employment, social progress and development, a dignified life, equal treatment and equal opportunities for all, productive work and personal life and social development followed by a dignified paid work and social and material existence.



Explanatory Note on the Decent work concept


The idea and the concept of decent work arise from the International Labour Organization, promoted in 1999, on the 87the International Labour Conference. It is based on the understanding that work is a source of personal dignity, democracy and general economic growth in the community. Decent work is a key element for achieving fair globalization and poverty reduction.

The idea of ​​decent work is accepted at the World Summit of the United Nations in 2005, followed by the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations (ECOSOC) in 2006, and on the World Social Forum held in Nairobi, the campaign "Decent Work, dignified life" (2007) was launched and 7th of October was declared as the World day for decent work.

The celebration of this day is widely accepted by the Federation of Trade Unions of Macedonia. In doing so, CCM has become part of the global campaign to protect and promote the economic and social situation of the workers and the implementation and promotion of workers' rights for a decent work.


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