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The "new normal" caused by the health crisis has imposed everywhere in the world, including in our country as well need for fast, efficient and professional action of all entities in order to ensure the functioning and development of the economic and social relations.

In these conditions, it turned out that social partnership is the only possible solution for creating policies and strategies and that all social partners should and must act together for the same goal - national survival and development.

With its commitment and professional engagement aimed at mitigating the consequences of the health crisis on the lives and health of workers and citizens, CCM has proven to be an important part of the social partnership.

Our professional, modern and fast action, ensuring efficient online access of the membership in the conditions of COVID crisis, has provided secure access to labor and existential rights of all workers and citizens without exception and discrimination.

This new and rebranded action of CCM is our determination and challenge for the upcoming period in which we will direct our engagements in a more efficient and visible manner for the membership and the workers. We expect their initiatives since we are all: United in a cause!

Our membership is our strength, its trust is our power and motive for action, and all of us together have the same goal - dignity of labor, higher, real and fair wages, poverty reduction, social security, social dialogue, healthy and safe working conditions, protection of the human environment, solidarity and equality without discrimination on any grounds.

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